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14 Things Every Guy Can Do Today to Be a Better Husband

They cost nothing, require little effort, and will make her fall in love with you all over again


A fancy anniversary dinner is nice. A romantic gift on a holiday is always welcome. But the things that really make a woman happy, the efforts that get noticed, are the tiny, mundane things you do every day to make her life easier.

Like what? We asked more than a dozen women to share how their husbands make them happy. Their answers were rarely roses, chocolates and jewelry (well, sometimes jewelry).

1. Get the words “Honey, we’re out of____” out of your mouth. You stock the house for once. Stop saying “we're out of milk” and just get the milk. 

2. Stop asking where things are. Unless you just moved in and didn’t unpack yourself, it’s likely that whatever you’re looking for is in the same place it always is. Spend some extra time looking before you disrupt her day. 

3. Solve some of her problems. In general, men have the tendency to want to fix things when women just want to be heard. But there are times when solving a problem will give you major brownie points. For instance, if she’s always losing her phone, surprise her with one of those keychain trackers.

4. Let her sleep. Move over, breakfast in bed. Aim for brunch in bed. 

5. Ask for a honey-do list: Don’t wait for her to ask you to do stuff. Try this: “I have a free hour. What can I help you with?” You’ll blow her mind.

6. Bring sexting back. You probably sent flirty or even naughty messages when you first started dating. Spice it up and bring it back. Pro tip: Be careful if you have a shared family tablet, so the kids don’t see it.

7. Randomly organize something. You know which junk drawer or closet needs a little TLC. Start with something simple: Alphabetize the spice rack. 

8. Decide something: Don’t ask what’s for dinner. She’s not your mom, dude. Be an active participant in deciding what you eat.

9. Finish it. If you start a project, finish it. That includes the laundry you left wet in the washing machine that now needs to be rewashed and the DIY home repair that now needs professional help.

10. Hold your own stuff: Our purses are full. Try a subtle man bag for your keys, wallet and sunscreen. 

11. Pack the kids. Going for a day at the beach? You pack the baby bag or kids’ backpacks and give her extra time to get herself ready.

12. Keep a list. The best gifts don’t necessarily come in a little blue box or take months to pay off. Take note of the smaller things that she comments on throughout the year. Keep a list, so that when a birthday or holiday comes up, you do not — and should not — ask her, “What do you want?”

13. Never, ever forget the card. Thoughtful or even lavish gifts can be amazing. But when it’s delivered without a card, it doesn’t have as much of a bang. We love cards — silly cards, funny cards, romantic cards. Women love words. That’s why we speak about 13,000 more words every day than men.

14. Stop looking for an “atta boy.” Don’t ask for a gold star for doing something she has been doing for years. Just do the thing, say nothing … and wait for the look of delighted surprise when she discovers your thoughtful act.