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Sex & Relationships

They cost nothing, require little effort, and will make her fall in love with you all over again
, September 12, 2022
Add these to your workout and your partner will thank you
, August 8, 2022
Researchers claim that women are seduced by songs, so I put it to the test in my marriage
, July 25, 2022
An MTV fantasy was sitting across from me, and I didn’t even know it
, June 27, 2022
The science behind why fathers are sexually irresistible
, June 6, 2022
It’s not easy for men to admit when they’re victimized by women
, May 27, 2022
Amy Sohn answers your questions about marriage, divorce, and what women really think about your naked bod
, May 20, 2022
Sex isn’t the same as intimacy, and I learned that only in my 40s
, May 8, 2022
Forget flowers or breakfast in bed — this is what she’s really craving
, May 3, 2022