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Whether you haven’t played in years or are just a little rusty, here’s a primer to get you back on the green
Everything you need to know about getting snipped … down there
, May 8, 2023
How to tolerate your teen’s Tay Tay obsession without losing your mind
, January 23, 2023
And we’re still not so sure about some of them.
, April 24, 2023
Sports medicine doctor Ian Smith explains the secret to bulking, shredding and eating what you want
, April 4, 2023
More News For the Discerning Gen X Man
How to make sure your favorite appendage is better and stronger than ever
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Longevity science is getting really freaky, really fast. Better amp up that 401(k)
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If they brought back the Presidential Physical Fitness Award, do you still have what it takes to earn the patch?
To Your Health!: Stories to Make You Stronger, Faster, Better…
It’s hard to make a comeback when you’re the oldest guy on the court
, April 26, 2022
Life looked a lot different during the last century
, November 14, 2021
How to finally master that kitchen contraption you’ve been avoiding for decades
, March 6, 2023
We live in a world where cash and wallets are increasingly unnecessary. So why do I miss it so much?
, July 11, 2022
Movies, Music, TV, and Other Reasons for Living
A conversation with the Fonz about how to keep going when it seems like the end
, January 9, 2023
Here’s why — and how to get back on track fast.
, March 6, 2023
When your best friend dies, there’s nothing to prepare you for it
, April 24, 2023
This is how kids got their dirty educations before the internet
, March 6, 2023