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On the MTV staple’s 30th anniversary, Joel Stein reflects on what might have been
It is not about the beer, but about the ritual bonding. And the beer.
, May 8, 2022
Sex isn’t the same as intimacy, and I learned that only in my 40s
, May 8, 2022
Nostalgia collecting can make you a millionaire — or an empty-handed chump
, May 8, 2022
From the grocery store to dining out, here’s the insider guide to fresh fish
, May 8, 2022
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Puzzles can be metaphors for how we trick ourselves
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Three tricks to make your financial future look less scary
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What current news story has you the most alarmed?
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School gets out soon. How will you be annoying your family this summer?
The recent crypto crash wiped out more than $300 billion in digital currencies. Are you concerned?
David Gergen, the advisor to four U.S. presidents, said it's time for Baby Boomers to pass the political baton "to younger generations — millennials and Gen Z." Hey, what happened to Generation X?
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According to a new CNBC/Momentive poll, 52 percent of American adults feel more financial stress than they did a year ago. Why are you stressed about money?
What special lady will be getting all of your attention on Mother's Day?
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Dave Chappelle, 48, got attacked on stage at the Hollywood Bowl, less than a week after Trevor Noah claimed it's "risky making jokes these days.” Do you agree? Is it a dangerous time for humor?
Will there ever be a Gen-X president?
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Inflation is at a 40-year high. Just how worried are you?
According to new research from the University of Georgia, the “biggest a**holes” in many people’s lives are middle-aged men. Do you agree?
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Is it ever acceptable to put ice in a glass of whiskey?
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What do you wish your kids had (or didn't have) growing up that made our childhoods so special?
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What "comeback" from our youth are you most excited about?
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Was Will Smith justified in slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars?
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Not everybody ages gracefully. What's the most annoying Gen-X at midlife personality type?
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Lead exposure may have cost Gen-Xers an average of six IQ points, according to Duke University researchers. Have you noticed the difference?
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With the return of nuclear war anxiety, the media is claiming that "Generation X finally has something to offer the young." What Cold War lessons do we have to impart exactly?
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One-third of Americans have committed financial infidelity, according to a new poll from How else are we being unfaithful?
Gen-Xers will be inheriting $30 trillion over the next two decades, according to a new report from analytics firm Cerulli. How should we spend the money?
According to the Pentagon, the "Nintendo Generation" has weak skeletons from growing up with video games. What are some emotional afflictions you've developed because of excessive gaming?
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The DeLorean is returning in 2022 as an electric car. Why might you consider buying one?
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Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher said in a new interview that his wild days are over because he's "nearly 50." How are you being wild today despite being 50 or "nearly" 50?
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