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From blogs to activism, extreme sports to alternative comedy, here’s what our generation made possible
Four rules for getting in shape when you’d rather be doing something else
, September 2, 2021
You want to attract bigger crowds? Cater to Gen X
, February 15, 2023
The best parenting sometimes happens with a laugh track
, December 6, 2021
How to make sure your favorite appendage is better and stronger than ever
, March 6, 2023
More News For the Discerning Gen X Man
These are the books that entertained us, taught us, shocked us and molded us into who we’ve become
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Further proof that time won’t slow down and nothing stays the same
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To Your Health!: Stories to Make You Stronger, Faster, Better…
Choose carefully — your selection will reveal much about you
, September 7, 2023
A cold can of Old Style or Hamm’s makes me happier than any craft beer
, December 12, 2022
Your sex life isn’t dead, it just needs a jump start
, May 29, 2023
You middle-aged guys with some free time on the weekends about to rock, we salute you.
, July 14, 2022
Movies, Music, TV, and Other Reasons for Living
These tips might just save you from going broke
, September 14, 2021
This is how kids got their dirty educations before the internet
, March 6, 2023
Everything you need to know about getting snipped … down there
, May 8, 2023
Sports medicine doctor Ian Smith explains the secret to bulking, shredding and eating what you want
, April 4, 2023