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Corey Levitan

Corey Levitan

A former reporter for the New York Post, Men’s Health, and Playboy, Corey has harmonized with Brian Wilson, go-go danced in a gay bar and washed the windows outside the top of Stratosphere in the line of duty.
Corey's Articles
Thinking about starting a podcast? Here’s why you shouldn’t
, June 26, 2023
I didn't appreciate just how much influence he had until after he was gone
, May 29, 2023
And we’re still not so sure about some of them.
, April 24, 2023
I’ve become the FBI for my kid, and I’m not sure if it’s for her benefit or mine
, February 15, 2023
The secret to making your kids care about the music you love is finding the right middleman
, July 11, 2022
An MTV fantasy was sitting across from me, and I didn’t even know it
, June 27, 2022
From ‘Blazing Saddles’ to ‘Taxi,’ it’s getting increasingly difficult to revisit our favorite comedies
, March 10, 2022
Further proof that time won’t slow down and nothing stays the same
, February 8, 2022
As a Jewish kid, all I wanted for Christmas was—Christmas
, December 21, 2021
My little girl is growing up, and I’m not okay with it
, November 23, 2021