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5 Best Belly-Flattening Foods for Men

Add these fat-fighting foods to your grocery list and lose your gut for good

Bowl of Cauliflower rice with coconut lime

Thanks to recent research, we can no longer blame a sagging metabolism for our growing mid-sections. But that doesn’t mean staying lean and mean is a futile endeavor. You need to start tweaking your diet and eating more of the stuff that science has shown will tighten your belt.

There isn't one food that will magically melt away all those unwanted pounds, but there are a few grocery options, many which might be new to you, with some serious fat-torching potential.

Skyr Yogurt

Researchers have learned that protein at breakfast does a better job at increasing muscle size than the same amount of protein at dinner. This concept is called “chrononutrition,” in which when you eat is as important as what and how you eat. 

Despite the hype around Greek, there's one type of yogurt that stands out in terms of protein: Icelandic yogurt—or skyr. A 150-gram container can deliver 16 grams of protein, making it an easy and delicious way to up your intake of this macronutrient shortly after rolling out of bed. 


This fiery fermented cabbage may make it easier for you to hold onto your abs. A recent study found that higher intakes of a specific lactobacillus strain of probiotic bacteria typically found in kimchi made it easier for overweight adults to lose body fat and trim their waistlines. 

Look for kimchi at Asian grocers and an increasing number of everyday supermarkets, then use it as a topping for scrambled eggs, burgers, sandwiches, and tacos.

Cauliflower Rice

When we shed weight, our bodies tend to fire up adaptations that promote weight regain. But a new study in the Journal of Nutrition discovered that trimming some of the carbs in our diets can alter post-meal brain activity related to hunger and reward.

Swapping out starchy rice for substitutes crafted from cauliflower saves you about 20 grams of carbs for each cup serving. It’s a surprisingly great low-carb base for stir-frys or as a side-dish mixed with seasonings. You can pick up bags of cauliflower rice in the sub-zero section of supermarkets or even make your own by pulsing the florets into the texture of coarse sand and then sautéing.

Perilla Oil

It may sound counterproductive to eat pure fat to lose fat, but this grease in a bottle is one exception to the rule. 

Nutrition science has found that consumption of perilla oil can help lower abdominal fat, potentially by shutting down certain genes associated with storing body fat and ramping up adiponectin, a hormone that helps break down fat. 

If you’re only using vegetable oil to cook, you’re missing out on the fat-shedding benefits of this underutilized oil. Its slightly nutty taste has higher omega-3 fatty acid content than most other plant oils, including olive and corn. 


This Southern favorite creates what is sometimes described as a slimy goo that can make it a tough sell. But here’s why that is exactly what you want: As it passes through your digestive tract, soluble fiber soaks up water to form a gel-like substance that serves to better regulate appetite and improve blood sugar numbers. 

As for its notorious gooeyness, this can be greatly minimized by stir-frying, roasting or grilling at high heat, or cooking okra in a soup or stew such as gumbo.